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ITF Embroided High Quality Black Belts standard

4 product stars
49,98 € inc. tax

40,31 € ex. tax
? Tax based on Finland.


ITF Embroided High Quality Black Belts standard Summary



Please follow these instructions carefully. Remember we make each belt to order, what you ask for is what you will get, so please check the details before adding to your cart

1) Tell us what you want adding to the belt, e.g. Your Name, Your Club/School, Your Association. Type this in the message box at checkout. If you wish to modify the fonts (only switch existing fonts), write it also in the "Additional Instructions" box after you have entered your shipping details.

2) tell us if you wish having masking on the back of your belt (meaning the embroidery would only show on the front)

3) Tell us the design of your belt by selecting your 1st End Design and 2nd End Design from our range of stock designs (see picture).

4) Tell us the Dan Grade your require on your design.

5) Tell us the length you need by selecting one of our standard lengths.

IMPORTANT: As the belt are custom made, please be VERY precise if you need special embroidery, we DO NOT replace belts unless the mistake is from our side. We highly recommend you to send us a picture of the embroidery your require in case it is different from our models.

Allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery
Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
Excellent belt! - Ruairidh Chester - 12.9.2014
This is an excellent belt I am very pleased with the quality of the belt and extremely impressed about delivery! Will be back if I need any more belts in the future!

5 product stars
1 st Dan ITF - Moti D Olkeba - 27.10.2018
This is Moti D Olkeba I need to 1st Dan black belt in ITF.

5 product stars
1 st Dan ITF - Moti D Olkeba - 27.10.2018
This is Moti D Olkeba I need to 1st Dan black belt in ITF.

5 product stars
Thank you! - Salla-Mari - 13.1.2015
Excellent service. I had a little special thing that I wanted to the black belt. When I made the order I had an e-mail next morning, just to make sure that the belt would be exactly like I want it. And after only two weeks the belt was in my hands, and it s perfect. Thank you!

5 product stars
1 st Dan ITF - Moti Olkeba - 28.11.2018
1st Dan ITF Moti Olkeba

5 product stars
Excellent belt! - Olav - 17.10.2012
I recieved exactly what I asked for in just 2 weeks, even thoug I live in Norway. The quality is very good and the delivery time was fantastic. Sincerly very happy customer

5 product stars
1 st Dan ITF - Moti Olkeba - 28.11.2018
1st Dan ITF Moti Duressa

5 product stars
The only way to order your belt is this way! - Daniel Johansson - 15.1.2016
Got exactly what i orderd, the belt looks AWESOME!! And fast respons and help from BeBudoShop when i couldn t find my deliveryoffice. THANKS!

4 product stars
Great belts - Ismo Heikkinen - 25.9.2012
The BE Budo Shop embroided black belt is of very good quality, and the price isn t too bad either. There are many options for the embroided texts as well as for the length of the belt. There is only one small drawback. When I tie my belt, one end gets turned so that the texts do not show. It would be nice if it was optional if you want the embroided texts on the same side of the belt or on different sides.

4 product stars
Fast delivery! - R - 20.8.2015
I was surprised by how fast i recieved my belt when i ordered it! less than two weeks! The belt is of good quality as well. The only thing i would have wanted is more options for the lenght, like 210 cms for example, and the embroidery was just a little bit missed out by some milimeter at one point, but otherwise very nice!

1 product stars
NAME - babulu - 31.5.2018
yo where is the name i wanna add my name on the belt no nam